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Why is language so important anyway?

Language is important because it holds identity, family stories, and ways of life. When a language (especially an Indigenous one) is torn from the person it belongs to - there are lasting ramifications socially, politically, and personally. By connecting people to their language, we hope to inspire a sort of healing and power that we all deserve. Whether your story was lost across the Atlantic Ocean, in the United States, or in your homelands, we want to help with the process of re-learning and remembering. 


What languages are you hoping to offer?

Since we're largely based in Oklahoma, we intend to start with Indigenous languages here first. We're a global tool, though, and are excited to expand across the US, as well as to Canada, Mexico, and Nigeria, just to name a few. Because language needs are so vast, we're open to many other spaces across the globe.

How much will BLOOM cost?

Our mission is to make BLOOM's language learning courses completely  FREE for users. We will likely have premium features, though, like video chatting with a fluent speaker that will cost.


How do you intend to make money? How will it be used?

Our intention is to partner with existing governments and organizations that would like to implement our digital tools in the ways they see fit. Although we don't have a core breakdown of costs, we believe most of it will go toward tech development (improving our tools based on feedback), paying fluent speakers, and our community building efforts. Of course, we will be paid, too (totally wish bills weren't a thing), but that will be the smallest portion of our funds. Many startups are money negative for the first few years, if that gives you any context. 

Is anyone on the team Indigenous?

Our passionate team comprises of a Cherokee Nation/Loyal Shawnee citizen, a member of the Akuapem tribe of Ghana, a Cherokee Freedmen Descendant, and a handful of folks from the American + Caribbean African Diasporas. You can read more about why we're building BLOOM here. If you're interested in joining our team, we'd love to have you on board, no matter where you may live! Contact us here.

What's BLOOM's overall goal?

BLOOM's mission is to provide accessible, foundational Indigenous language knowledge that empowers the next generation of global speakers, learners, and leaders. Of course, one tool can't make someone completely proficient (or fluent) in a language. That's why we're working with pre-existing community initiatives whose sole job is to develop more fluent speakers. We do not believe that BLOOM is the only answer - but a tool that we hope can lead you to more spaces.