BLOOM offers FREE intermediate-level learning courses for global Indigenous and minoritized languages that are developed in collaboration with Native Nations, international governments, satellite groups, educational institutions, and more.


In short, our mission is to provide accessible, foundational Indigenous language knowledge that empowers the next generation of global speakers and leaders.

Our motivation is that one day, our learners will tell their grandchildren how they took back their history, culture, and language in spite of severe hardships, giving future generations a sense of pride, cultural knowledge, and a deeper connection to their heritage through language.

Our Team


Bri Alexander, Head of Curriculum, and a Cherokee Nation citizen with Shawnee Tribe heritage, specializes in BLOOM's curriculum + learning methodology.

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Carey J Flack, Head of Product Strategy, and a Creek, Choctaw, and Cherokee Freedmen adoptee, specializes in BLOOM's product development, growth strategy + social media.


Cindy Torma, Engineer, and a linguist, curriculum developer, computer scientist, and all-around language nerd, specializes in development.